As Shane Black works on his planned Predator reboot, details continue to leak out of the production. The latest concerns a new casting notice with greater significance than one might think – an Easter egg embedded in a specific actor’s mere presence. Friends, the Busey family legacy is about to be carried on by the next generation.

The news recently broke that Black had tapped young actor Jake Busey for a minor role in the film titled The Predator and slated for August 3, 2018, less for the guy’s talent than what he represents. Jake Busey’s father Gary — known primarily today as a reality TV show personality prone to saying shocking things when not making nonverbal noises due to brain damage sustained in a motorcycle accident — was a respected character actor once upon a time, and Predator 2 gave him one of his more high-profile roles. Busey the elder portrayed a DEA agent doggedly pursuing the extraterrestrial killing machine in the 1990 sequel, and now his son will carry on his father’s noble work and continue his pursuit of the Predator.

/Film notes that Jake Busey recently appeared on YouTube show The Red Booth to confirm that he had accepted a minor role in The Predator as his father’s son, off-screen and on. In a nod to the installments that came before it, Black’s film will include Jake as Special Agent Peter Keyes’ offspring, though he won’t figure that prominently into the film’s plot. He’ll most likely help corral the team assigned to eliminate the alien menace, but for sharp-eyed fans, it’ll be an amusing homage all the same.

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