It's time for us to give up on ever getting the potholes fixed, and instead just laughing about our plight.

The Pure Michigan Ad Campaign Won Awards, And Helped Michigan Tourism

As I mentioned last month, the Pure Michigan ad campaign was a boom for tourism here, mainly because it highlighted the beautiful things that people from outside out state did not know about us.

I know for a fact the campaign worked because I lived on the East Coast when they came out, and people would tell me that they never knew how beautiful Michigan was, and the ads made them want to come here.

I'm not sure what they thought of Michigan before the ads. Maybe they thought the whole state looked like the worst part of Detroit.

It's Only Fair That Michiganders Make Fun Of The Ads

While the ads showed our beauty and majesty, it's only fair that those of us who live here can make parody ads about Michigan that show the side of our state that is not so pretty.

A case in point: potholes.

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like the potholes are bigger and deeper this season.

If We Can't Laugh At Potholes, We'll Go Nuts

It's a problem that will never go away, no matter how many governors try and 'fix those damn potholes!', so why not laugh instead of cry about them.

Here are two Pure Michigan pothole parodies that I've discovered.

First up, From Jim Kerfoot's 'Not So Pure Michigan' YouTube page, comes this effort, 'Pothole Season'. Kerfoot, who has produced a slew of these, including last month's slam at Matthew Stafford fans.

Kerfoot is acerbic as usual, raking everyone over the coals. CAREFUL: There's some salty language.

Up next, from FixMIRoads, is a video that adds some visual and sound effects to let anyone who has never hit a pothole straight on kind of know what it feels like.

And then there's 'Pothole Syndrome', which is from Kansas, so it's not a Pure Michigan parody, but it is still pretty funny.

FYI -- Northbound Division Street just before the Michigan Avenue underpass is more cratered than the moon. You've been warned.

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