Moving past the whole being laid off, or having to take a paycut, or "hey I'm not actually quarantined."  Let's look at some positives about being stuck at home.  How about the money we are saving from not going out to eat, driving our cars, and having any semblance of a social life?

The website put together a basic calculator that determines an estimate of how much you are saving each month by staying home.  It uses some calculations based off of how far you drive for work, how much you go out to eat, and childcare as a few metrics to determine your savings.

After putting in all of my information it spit out that I'm saving about $1,976, which seems a bit high for me and doesn't take into account my increased grocery bill or the fact that my wife was laid off from work.  But, it's still kinda funny to see that there is some savings happening during all of this.

My "savings" from being quarantined at home. Screenshot via
My "savings" from being quarantined at home. Screenshot via

Check out their methodolgy for the calculator here:

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