What a fantastic weather stretch we have had. WOW! As everybody I know has said, I could get used to this.

Yes, our fall weather has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, beautiful, cold, rainy, and beautiful again. But this past week and weekend has been wonderful, just what the doctor ordered during the pandemic. Sorry gang, it's going to change today!

Our News and Weather partner, Fox17, says a cold front is going to push in and bring rain, windy and stormy conditions. Thanks! But, it will be pretty quick and tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13, should be nice again.

The Fox17 Meteorologists say quote,

The showers and thunderstorms will develop around noon and continue east through 7 p.m., likely impacting the evening commute. The morning commute will be cool but dry. Sunshine will be lacking as this system along with the remnants of Delta throw more clouds towards us.

Yes, even though we're so far away from the Gulf Coast, we will get just a touch of what's left over from the category II Hurricane Delta.

It's possible we'll get 1/4 to 3/4 inches of rain all told by the time this all passes through West Michigan. But, the good news is that the cold front will not me very strong, so our temperatures will still stay pretty seasonal for October. Tuesday, with nicer weather coming, with have some sunshine with highs in the 60s.

You know, I can deal with that. fall in Michigan is still be best!

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