Scully. Costas. Cosell. This guy.

This video of a man named Bob Menery pretending he's announcing golf and football is going viral because his voice is so darned good. After hearing him speak, you'd be hard-pressed to explain why he isn't calling games on any network.

He's so smooth while doing golf, football and sideline reporting. With his mellifluous tone, inviting sound and Joe Buck cadence (sorry to all the Buck haters out there), this guy clearly has what it takes to be mic'd up and slide into any play-by-play booth.

Take a look at another video, below, and be prepared to be hit by two realizations: one, his voice really is amazing and, two, he's really into a Patriots-Packers matchup, since he references it again.

Menery has actually been honing his craft for some time now. Check out this video from 2013, in which, yes, he calls another Pats game. Hmm, can't help but wonder if he can do fake play-by-play for any other team. Despite that, the voice is impressive.

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