Three generations of the Putman Family live in the same house in Michigan's Thumb. Why? Because it was easier than not living in the same house. Confused? So am I.

The Putmans, who all exist in the same 6500 square foot house in Caseville, were signed to a reality show last year by the TLC Network. That show debuts next Saturday, September 16 at 10pm.

Bill Putnam, the family patriarch says they're 'reinventing the old family, where everybody took care of everybody'. Which is fine, but try carving out some alone time to take care of business with only two bathrooms among 25 people. You can't.

'Fighting for turd time' is what Bill refers to it in the clip of the show below.

Part of the plot in this first full season for the show, which is called, 'Meet the Putmans' will involve the family's plan to build a new 26,000 square foot house down the road in Caro to house the clan. I hope they have six bathrooms in the new digs.

The season will also add an additional family member to the troop following a birth to bring the number to 26.

The Putmans were put on the radar of TV executives when Bill and his son applied to be on the old ABC game show 'Wipeout'. While they didn't qualify to get whacked into a lake by a padded windmill, they did intrigue producers with their story of all living under the same roof.

They get around in full size bus the family owns and most of the family members are employed by Bill's commercial real estate business.

Are they a cult? 'Nope, just a happy family' is the Putman's stock reply.

Having grown up in a family of ten (8 kids, two parents) in a house one third the size, I just realized that I grew up in exactly the same environment. And we would have been a damn entertaining TV show, come to think of it.

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