When I was growing up, my parents would bring me to get a special treat like McD's, Burger King, etc.

Can't go wrong with that old fashioned American meal right? T

here was a another burger joint, though, that just kicked ass man! It was local, delicious, and best of all ... CHEAP!


Get-Em-N-Go was a drive-through-only restaurant that served your typical fast food: burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc. It was a TRUE burger hut.

I have a lot of crazy memories of this place.

One of them being that they microwaved their burgers. Yes, I know...it sounds just awful. They only microwaved the burgers though so your cheese would melt. Once you bit into that burger though, it tasted like grilled heaven. They advertised that their burgers were charbroiled, and man...it sure was good.

When I was in my old band named Groundswitch, we went to Get-Em-N-Go to get dinner for the band and ordered a large amount of burgers, like 8 or something.

Then the lady in the loudspeaker said, "Would you like to get our special of 10 hamburgers and five small fries for $9.99?"

WHY ... YES! It was the single most exciting thing in fast food history.

I brought home that sack full of burgers and all of my band members just laughed at the sheer amount of greatness in that bag. We dubbed it The Groundswitch Special.

One of the best things on their menu? CHEDDAR ROUNDS!

I could eat a grocery bag of those things (then proceed to have a heart attack ...).

Get-Em-N-Go sadly closed all of their doors a few years ago after the location on Alpine Ave. got robbed at gunpoint and very quickly after, the owner decided to shut down. Therefore, I blame crime for the reason that these fine burgers can no longer be served...damn criminals. Why would you rob a really cheap burger joint?

RIP, you fine local burger joint





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