The Grand Rapids Rift Clash E-Sports Tournament will be held February 7-9 at Celebration Cinema North.

Top college and high school e-sports teams will compete in Grand Rapids for over $3500 in prize money. The Rift Clash tournament will be hosted by the West Michigan Sports Commission, which helps organize and bring sporting events to the Grand Rapids area.

E-sports is competitive video gaming. Teams will compete in the game 'League of Legends', with the team getting the highest score advancing in the tournament.

Pool play will begin Friday night, February 7, with the top eight teams in each category advancing to tournament play Saturday night. The finals in the high school and college categories will be held Sunday afternoon. Tickets are just $2 per session, or $5 for a weekend pass.

“Esports is so popular worldwide that the potential for our region is immense and represents a growth area for the sports commission,” Mike Guswiler, president of the West Michigan Sports Commission told “This trend will only increase, so it makes sense to create our own event to establish ourselves as an esports community so we can bid on these types of events in the future. Our long-term goal is to grow this event to the point where we’re filling Van Andel Arena with a tournament.”

To give you a sense of how popular these tournaments are becoming, here are the highlights from a recent Fortnite tournament.

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