After Kanye West and Paul McCartney's collaboration released earlier this month, just about everyone's minds were blown by the match-up. Now, prepare to hear what happens when this duo becomes a trio by adding Rihanna to the mix.

Entitled 'FourFiveSeconds,' the acoustic guitar-driven track -- most likely played by the legendary Beatle -- showcases Rihanna and Kanye in the most stripped down vocal performances we've heard from them. Belting out some emotional lyrics on the top of the track, you can really feel what Rihanna is talking about and vibe with it.

"I think I've had enough / I might get a little drunk / I say what's on my mind / I might do a little time / 'Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness," RiRi sings. West takes over on vocals, crooning, "Woke up an optimist / Sun was shining, I'm positive / Then I heard you was talkin' trash / Hold me back, I'm bout to spaz."

Meanwhile, this song really showcases Kanye's singing abilities -- sans any mechanical help. And the two do a great job at giving us a sense like we're just jamming out with them in the studio. That choir in the background doesn't hurt, either.

Kanye premiered the track at the iHeartMedia Music Summit last week (Jan. 21) to a bunch of industry folks, and news quickly spread about the collaboration.

Although we're not sure if 'FourFiveSeconds' will be appearing on an album any time soon (maybe Kanye's rumored new album that's in the works?), we're ecstatic to hear some new material from Rihanna.

If you're loving what you hear above, 'FourFiveSeconds' is available on iTunes now.

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