There really is nothing more romantic than a West Michigan sunset, and this 1949 travelogue promises plenty of love action for those willing to make the trek to our lovely area.

This Chevrolet produced travel reel presents West Michigan as the 'Vacation Land of the Inland Seas'.

Whoa! I've never heard of the Great Lakes portrayed in that light, but I like it.

Highlights include:

** Chevys (of course) rolling off the car ferry in Muskegon to frolick in West Michigan (:30)

** Tulip Time in Holland, referred to as a 'riot of color' (who knew it got that violent?) (:45)

** Wooden Shoe dancing in the Holland streets (1:00)

** Lengthy footage of the Tulip Time parade (1:10)

** Glen Lake ('Breathtakingly beautiful!!) (1:42)

** Sleeping Bear Dunes ('slowly shifting, relentlessly burying the countryside') Burying? And here I thought the current era was the age of hyperbole! (1:57)

** A tribute to our coastal highways begins at 2:19, declaring them 'the distance from New York to San Francisco spun out in mile after mile of golden sands'. Spun out? Let's refrain from using car wreck terms when describing roads, shall we?

** A quick Chevy plug, calling the cars, 'it will be your magic carpet that will carry you to the land of your heart's desire' (gag)

Wait, that's it? I thought they were going to highlight some places to go and make out? I'm disappointed that there were NO roads to romance. Darn it!

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