On Friday afternoon, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference to address the recent string of violent incidents involving players allegedly assaulting women and children.

It was the first time Goodell had faced reporters in more than a week, but those hoping for clear answers and new policies were likely disappointed. The commissioner announced that the league will enter negotiations with the players union to make changes to the Personal Conduct Policy, but those changes would likely not be announced until close to the Super Bowl, or possibly afterward.

There were no updates regarding the Ray Rice video investigation or the accusations against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy and Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer. Goodell insisted that the NFL will "do better" and that the league "has to get its own house in order," but repeatedly refused to offer any details on what the league will actually do.

"We've acknowledged that we need to change what we're doing," Goodell said. "Now we need to get to what those changes need to be."

The interactions between Goodell and the media grew testier as the conference went on, with reporters seeming to grow frustrated by his lack of real answers. It remains to be seen if there will be any follow-up to what we learned, or didn't learn, today.

Here are some clips from the press conference, starting with Goodell's opening remarks:

Here Goodell addresses questions about his possible resignation:

And about the NFL's relationship with its major sponsors:

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