The first thing I thought when I saw this video of a roll cloud moving over Lake Michigan was literally, "What the heck is happening on Lake Michigan?" I have never heard of a roll cloud and I've been here my whole life.

But one was filmed by a guy named Ken Temple on June 11, 2016, who was standing on a dune, and captured all of its beauty:

The video has been viewed 2.4 MILLION times and has generated a lot of reaction from Michiganders:

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AMAZING! Thank you, for sharing, never witnessed, a scene, quite as impressive yet, What a Great illusion , I as well thought this was a well established & preserved iceberg, the arcus, is a powerful delivery, of our rare & powerful clouds, and their most beautiful illusions

What IS A Rolling Cloud

Although I thought it was some kind of alien cloud, someone had a better understanding of what the rolling cloud formation really is:

The popular term for arcus. A low-level, horizontal, tube-shaped arcus cloud associated with a gust front of a convective storm (or occasionally a cold front).

But this doesn't just happen on the Great Lakes, as apparently, someone in Europe experienced the same phenomenon:

I live in England and a few weeks ago, there was a cloud very similar to this coming in from the Irish Sea over Blackpool promenade. I watched it as I drove along the prom, lots of people stood watching it too. I didn’t think they existed here but I’m convinced it was one of these.

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