In the past few weeks, Michigan has seen some very interesting weather patterns. Really, this entire winter has been strange ever since we got that massive snowstorm back in November. But in the past few weeks, we've seen quite a bit of snowfall and then melt, only to pour on us again. Last Friday over on the east side of the state in Royal Oak, they were having weather issues of their own.

The weather took a lot of people's power with it, but not without some theatrics, as one person was able to record something that was both awesome and kind of frightening at the same time. What almost looks like a meteor crashing to earth is actually a powerline that erupted into a giant fireball and traveled down the line. The video details the event that happened in the thick of the storm:
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Video of a “fireball” taken Saturday night in a Royal Oak neighborhood
Neighbors tell me a small version of this happened Friday night during the storm, they all lost power. Their power turned back on Saturday afternoon then at 6 p.m. this happened three times! Their power is now out again.
Video taken by Brad MacDonald.

The fireball is traveling pretty fast down the line, but it almost seems to completely vanish as it makes contact with the tree. I don't know if the tree had anything to do with it, but either way, the rare sight made for an awesome video, and nobody was hurt.

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