12/20 UPDATE: Fuchs didn't retain her title on her fifth day. But it's possible that she was off her game because of a medical emergency that took place during the taping. As she told TMZ, she'd been having some stomach issues that affected her ability to eat properly. It resulted in a "really serious hyperglycemic episode that I thought was a stroke at the time that I had it. I couldn’t get my hands to work. My brain was seeing one thing and mouth was saying another.”

Former Runaways bassist Jackie Fox has continued her winning ways on the long-running TV quiz show Jeopardy! After four days, she has earned $87,089, and will remain on the show as long as she keeps winning.

Appearing under her real name of Jackie Fuchs, she secured $14,200 on Dec. 14, then went on to gain a further $19,889 on Monday, $24,600 on Tuesday and $28,400 on Wednesday. She prevailed in the Final Jeopardy! round by correctly identifying poet Dylan Thomas based on the address of his birthplace. You can check out the entire Dec. 19 episode below.

When she joined the Runaways in 1975, Fox abandoned an early admission to the University of California, where she was going to study mathematics. She quit the band two years later, unhappy with backstage relations, and went on to work behind the scenes in promotions. She later became a Los Angeles-based attorney in the field of entertainment. Her game-show appearances stretch back to 1980, when she was a contestant on The Dating Game. In 2013 she took part in an episode of The Chase and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

She refused to allow her name to be used in 2010 biopic The Runaways, meaning producers had to create a fictional character to replace her. After the death of band manager Kim Fowley in 2015, she accused him of having raped her while some of her bandmates were present. The accusation has never been resolved.

"It would be nice if everyone who was there the night I was raped could talk about how it has affected them over the years. But if they don’t want to talk it about, I respect that," she said in a statement back then. "It’s taken me years to talk about it without shame. I can only imagine what it must have been like to have watched it happen."

Watch Jackie Fox of the Runaways of 'Jeopardy!'


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