This massive Michigan mansion will have you screaming, "Kevin!!!"

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At first glance, I totally thought it was the McCallister home from the classic 1990 Christmas movie. You almost expect the wet bandits to pop up when scrolling through the photos! (Check out the inside and outside of the house in the gallery below!)

Alas, this home for sale in Saginaw, Mich. is NOT the house from Home Alonethat stately brick residence is in the suburbs of Chicago.

Actual Home Alone House, Airbnb

A few years ago it was even offered up on Airbnb!

Well, even if it wasn't part of a beloved holiday film - there's still a lot to love about this Saginaw mansion.

First of all, it's HUGE and historic!

The 2.5 story mansion was built in 1916. All of the property included in the sale totals 16,000 square feet! 

According to the listing,

Main Building roughly 9, 555 Square Feet Built 1916, 2nd Connected Building estimated 4, 180 Square Feet Built 1914, 3rd Connected Building estimated 2, 345 Square Feet Built 1988. All additions have created this huge, beautiful Historic building in the heart of Saginaw!

And there's plenty of parking... no, we're not talking your standard couple spots for the family cars - but 80! Yes, there are at least 80 parking spots on the property.

Which, of course, begs the question: What even IS this place?

Felisha Lohr, Tremaine Real Estate
Felisha Lohr, Tremaine Real Estate

The listing suggests it could be used for medical offices, assisted living, apartments, a school, or a church.

The listing also takes note that it's a whole lot of house for $399K, mentioning, "This property is priced well below appraised value."

Take a tour in the gallery below!

Michigan Mansion Doppelganger for 'Home Alone' House On Market for $399K

Had to do a double-take! At first glance, this Saginaw, Mich. mansion looks a lot like the McCallister family home from the movie "Home Alone". The 2.5 story residence was built in 1916 and offers a whopping 16,000 square feet of space, not to mention 80+ parking spots for $399,000.

Gallery Credit: Janna

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