For a guy whose public image rests heavily on his happy-go-lucky beach bum persona, Sammy Hagar sure seems to be working a lot lately.

Hagar, who's already leading an all-star band through his latest round of tour dates and planning to revisit his catalog in an unplugged live format while plotting a new blues project with Joe Satriani -- and mulling another Chickenfoot record -- is also apparently working with his old friend Mick Jones.

Hagar shared the news via Facebook, posting a photo of himself alongside the Foreigner guitarist with the caption, "Mick Jones and myself enjoying a great dinner at El Paseo Restaurant after writing for two days together at my studio. What a blast -- old friends getting together and writing some new songs."

As fans will recall, Hagar and Jones go way back -- perhaps most notably due to their work together during the sessions for '5150,' Hagar's first record with Van Halen. As Jones told Ultimate Classic Rock in a 2013 interview, "He picked me up at the hotel and we were driving up to Eddie’s studio and we were talking about the old days and finally he said, 'I’ve got to tell you, Mick, all of that was wild and crazy and all of that sort of thing,' but he said, 'We are just about to walk into another dimension of that.' [Laughs] And I said, 'What?' He said, 'I wasn’t going to tell you earlier, but you’d better get ready for some crazy s--- now.' I went, 'Whoa . . .' and I’d been around and seen a lot, you know. But it was pretty crazy up there. It lived up to its title."

Crazy or not, '5150' resonated with listeners in a big way, racking up more than six million in sales and producing the Top 40 pop hits 'Dreams,' 'Love Walks In,' and 'Why Can't This Be Love.' Only time will tell if their new songs stand the test of time, but clearly, these are two guys with a musical connection.

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