With Christmas around the corner, there are so many spots in Michigan to get into the holiday spirit. Michigan is full of year round Christmas excitement, such as the famous Bronner's Christmas store which is open nearly all year round in Frankenmuth, MI. But not so far away in Midland, there sites another iconic Christmas building which is a feature all year long, Santa's House.

The house has a slanted roof for reindeer take- offs and a big bay window, all of which are painted with festive holiday colors, and the building’s interior was architected with two lofts that are filled with holiday displays, a fieldstone fireplace, and a carved chair for Santa, as one videographer detailed:

The present Santa House was built in 1987, thanks to the Midland Area Community Foundation and area donors. It replaced the temporary structure which needed to be erected and dismantled each year and which had fallen into disrepair. Architect Steve Barstow and Tom Valent from Gerace Construction did the research and developed the plans for the new house. Its stucco and fieldstone exterior, approved by the Historical Commission, helped Santa’s residence blend with the courthouse architecture.

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The house also serves as somewhat of a training place for hopeful Santa Claus' every year. A Glockenspiel was added ten years after the building was opened in 1997, and the building is open to the public each year from late November into January, so there's still plenty time to put this on your good list of things to do to bring in the holidays this year.

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