The U.S. is full of cities and towns that would blow you away with its beauty, but it's even better when one of those hidden gems is in your own backyard.

Condé Nast Traveler put together a list of 26 of the most beautiful towns in America, and before I even started going through the list I thought to myself how shocked I'd be if Saugatuck or a city in the U.P. like Mackinac Island didn't make the list. Thankfully, and rightfully so, Michigan did make the list and even better it was a town in West Michigan.

Condé Nast chose the charming town of Saugatuck as one of the most beautiful cities. Saugatuck may only be about 40 minutes away from Grand Rapids but you feel like you're transported into a completely different part of West Michigan when there. Condé Nast had this to say about it:

This tiny hamlet of less than 1,000 residents is nestled among the sand dunes on the east coast of Lake Michigan, making it a playground for sunbathers, kayakers, and dune buggy-riders. It’s a favorite among Chicagoans for its close proximity—about a two-hour drive—and impressive art scene, not to mention a wealth of wineries and travel-worthy restaurants (don't miss chef Melissa Corey’s Pennyroyal Cafe & Provision). Tap into the local culture at the Discovery Art Center, and the Center for the Arts's garden and sculptures display. Time your visit right to catch outdoor shows and theater performances also put on by the center.

There's so much to do in Saugatuck. I personally love shopping at all the cute stores, I've done their boat cruise on the Kalamazoo River, spent a day at Oval Beach, gone hiking, and eaten a bunch of good food! As West Michiganders, we are definitely spoiled in having one of the best places in America right in our backyard.

See the full list here and maybe get an idea of where to plan your next vacation(s).

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Earlier this summer, Saugatuck was named the most beautiful city in Michigan by Woman's Day magazine.

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