The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has lots of traditions, there's pasties, and snow, and thanks to the Finnish heritage, particularly in Houghton/Hancock, there are saunas. If you're lucky enough to own a sauna, we have a question for you, have you ever used those hot coals to cook sausage?

A Finnish company sells a soapstone cylinder perfect for roasting a tube steak over the hot stones of a sauna.

We should stop right here and say we don't think this is a gag product. We think this is totally legit, or at least it fooled Atlas Obscura.

Here's how Finnmark describes their in-sauna meat roaster:

Whilst enjoying your sauna, why not use the heat to gently cook a hot dog sausage with this "Makkaraputki" Finnish Soapstone Sauna Sausage/Hot Dog Cooker. The Finnish soapstone is renowned for it's high heat capacity and perfectly cooks a sausage exactly the way you like them, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Simply place the cooking tube on the sauna stones and remove with an oven mitten when cooked. The slit down the side is design so that a fork can easily remove the hot dog from the tube. Ideally enjoyed on a summer's evening with close friends and a glass of beer, during that post sauna hunger.

If you want to make it authentically Yooper, we recommend roasting up some Cudighi, the Italian sausage that's synonymous with the Upper Peninsula.

So keep those weenies warm while sweating off the pounds in your Sauna. If you want to purchase one and pack on the stones, a British company will sell you one for just under 20 pounds.

[h/t Atlas Obscura via Yoopers Rule the World, Eh]


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