Every time I think of the housing goods chain Bed Bath & Beyond, I always think of the mid-2000's Family Guy Skit about Peter Griffin going to find what exactly is in the "Beyond" of Bed Bath & Beyond

While, you and I may have never found what is for sale in that "beyond" section, it turns out whatever is in there wasn't enough to save the company from yet another round of store closure announcements.

Bed Bath & Beyond To Expand
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Bed Bath & Beyond announced this week that they plan to close another 150 locations across the US after sales continue to fall, and a once popular West Michigan store is on the list.

Which Bed Bath & Beyond location is closing?

The company announced on its website on Thursday, September 15th that the Walker, Michigan location on Alpine Avenue will be closing its doors later this year.

There are currently four West Michigan area Bed Bath & Beyond locations. They are located in Walker, Grand Rapids, Holland, and Muskegon.

Bed Bath And Beyond Releases Q4 Earnings Figures
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At this time, the company has only announced the closing of the Walker location in West Michigan, but five locations will be closing in total in Michigan, the rest being in the Detroit area. This means that there are 26, soon to be 21, locations across the state.

Why is Bed Bath & Beyond closing locations?

The company announced in August that it would be closing locations due to dwindling sales numbers and trends in the company.

This news comes just two weeks after the tragic passing of Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Gustavo Arnal who died September 4th after jumping from a New York City high-rise, which has caused mental health experts to remind others to be diligent about their mental health. Many have speculated that Arnal's death could be linked to the stress of the company's financial state as of late.

When will the Walker location close?

At the time, Bed Bath And Beyond has not announced when the stores would officially close or when the next round of closures will be announced, but you'll likely see sales and liquidation efforts happening in the Walker location in the coming days.

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