Carnival riders at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City were lucky to walk away with no injuries after one of the rides broke down.

The Cherry Festival is in the process of wrapping up today, and festival organizers are breathing a sigh of relief after a nearly tragic accident happened. While carnival goers were enjoying a pendulum style ride on the midway, something started to go wrong. In the video above, you can see the moments that the platform holding the ride starts to collapse.

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In the first few moments, it looks like the ride is just going to tear itself apart while everyone was still on board. The lower platform starts to tip, and eventually falls to the ground, but the weight of the ride was still moving it.

I don't know the mechanics of any of these rides, but it looked like it was going to be a tragic situation.

The platform started to rock with the momentum of the ride, and it looked like it would tip over backwards. That's when people started to jump into action and weigh the front side of the ride down to prevent it from tipping.

It started with one man jumping on, which seems like a dumb move until a crowd of people joined him. I can't say for sure that they prevented the ride from tipping over, only because of how massive the ride actually is. In my book they are all heroes though for jumping into action and doing whatever they could. Even if you don't think they kept the ride from tipping, the end result was good.

Except for some moments of terror, and maybe some dirty underpants, everyone walked off the ride without a major injury.


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