Soon the three adorable red panda siblings at Grand Rapids' John Ball Zoo will be leaving for new homes.

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Rose, Ruby, and Willow were born last summer to parents Wyatt and Wasabi.

John Ball Zoo
John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo says,

Their birth was was not only special for us and our community but also for the species. It was especially so given the intense care that our team provided to Willow to ensure her survival. The effort was tremendous and it demonstrates the commitment and dedication of our team.

We participate in the Red Panda Species Survival Plan (SSP), the goal of which is to maintain healthy genetically diverse populations of red pandas in human care at AZA [Association of Zoos and Aquariums] institutions. Since red pandas are endangered, maintaining healthy populations of the red pandas is important for the future of the species.

So now the little ones, like their parents, will have important work to do help their species survive. Rose, Ruby, and Willow be heading out to be a part of the Red Panda SSP and are heading to an AZA-accredited zoo in Tennessee, Zoo Knoxville.

John Ball Zoo
John Ball Zoo

The little gals, of course, will be missed. John Ball Zoo says,

Though we are incredibly sad to see them go, it has been a memorable highlight for many watching these three through their first year of life.

If you'd like to see the triplets before they leave Grand Rapids, head to the zoo's red panda habitat through Sunday, August 22nd.

If you're unable to get to John Ball Zoo, you can check in on them on the Red Panda ZooLIVE Cam:

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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