I'm really hoping they reconsider dropping Pure Michigan from the state budget, because I think this next year, they should use it and focus purely on the U.P. because once again, Michigan lost our upper half in a national plug.

It happened Saturday night on SNL, according to Detroit Free Press, when during the 'Weekend Update' Michael Che and Colin Jost were talking about the news of the impeachment when Che makes a joke about us taking a year off from presidents after this is all settled.  Problem was the graphic they posted during the joke: a map of the contiguous continental states, but missing the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

OK, so technically Alaska and Hawaii can be upset because they too were left off the map, but people remember them.  The U.P. can't seem to get the respect it deserves, especially this year.

As Detroit Free Press points out, it wasn't just SNL, but also Mountain Dew and Google, just this year.  I guess we should be lucky maps are still including the mitten state at all, since looking at the SNL map, it would be easy to just cut us out altogether.

I think really we should just be upset that these companies are forgetting the U.P. are obviously not hiring enough people from the great state of Michigan, and that should change.  That and not losing Pure Michigan.  Can you tell this is kind of bothering me?

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