With all the snow, ice and then the rain, the water had to go somewhere and unfortunately that water flooded over 130 homes in Newaygo County.

According to WZZM, a Local Disaster Declaration has been called in Newaygo County with some areas of the county are still under an active emergency.

The White and Muskegon Rivers are receding but water levels rose last weekend from the rain with homes and businesses being damaged.

Big Martin Lake flooded into Little Martin Lake severely damaging over a dozen homes.

A resident, Laurie Higgins said, "It came in fast. In a matter of a few hours there was several inches inside the home."

Sources say the damaged with take months to repair.

Unfortunately not every homeowner had flood insurance.

Newaygo County Emergency Managers have big concerns regarding water reaching electrical outlets. The County is urging homeowners to leave the power off until the outlets can be inspected.

Septic systems and wells may be contaminated and will need to be chlorinated to clear contamination.

Clean up kits are being passed out to those affected by the floods from the Red Cross. Homeowners should contact their local building inspectors and health department for more information.

Here is a link to report all damage to Newaygo County.

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