The stay at home order will not impact road construction which is good for the workers and with less traffic, it's safer for the folks fixing our roads.

According to WOOD, Grand Rapids officials are still moving forward with road construction projects. They say there may be some delays that could impact projects slated for later in the year.

Keeping Michigan roads safe is important and deemed a critical infrastructure according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

So far MDOT has been able to stay on course and started last week improving the 100th Street bridge that crosses US-131 in Kent County. Other road projects will go as planned that begin mid to late April.

Other crews will be fixing and patching Michigan's legendary pot holes plus fix damaged guardrails.

The Kent County Road Commission Managing Director Steve Warren says they are on the job and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 guidelines.

Warren said, "will it push back projects? Potentially, but I think it's too early to tell now. Let me say we don't have any of those major construction projects scheduled to begin during the period of this executive order."

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