Every city has it's share of unusual signs...either they look weird, or more likely, their message is out there or outdated. It was fine in the 50's to call a street "Titzenschnitzel Lane" but nowadays, it gets a snicker. So without any fanfare, here are My "Top 5 Weird Signs in Grand Rapids"!

  • The Creston landmark!/Me...
    The Creston landmark!/Me...

    The Sit N Spin/Creston/Plainfield

    I can only imagine what goes on in the Sit N Spin...I'm sure it's mostly laundry, but one never knows...:)

  • The A Dong...a Division legend since last year!/me!
    The A Dong...a Division legend since last year!/me!

    The A. Dong Market/Godwin/Division

    OK, I have no idea when the A Dong Market opened on Division, but it's far enough down in Godwin Heights that you wouldn't normally associate it with another kind of "Dong". That's Division closer to downtown. Either way the A. Dong says it all. And it also gives some insight into the Asian community that came to Grand Rapids in the 60's...not a great command of the language or Dutch conservative culture of West Michigan!

  • So happy...and..../Me!
    So happy...and..../Me!

    Gay Street/Heritage Hill/Fulton

    This falls in the "Back in 1915 Gay Street sounds like a perfect name" file, but now, it's just a footnote on a smart ass post on a radio station website. Matt Hendricks (Middays and host of the "Classic Hit Buffet" and "Classic Hit or Miss" on WFGR...check him out..10-3 weekdays :) ) actually knows someone who IS gay, and lives on Gay Street. Life imitating art imitating life.

  • You Dingleberry you.../Me!
    You Dingleberry you.../Me!

    Dingleberry Road/?/?

    Dingleberry Road NE...and the corner of Dufus Lane in Idiotsburg. A prize goes to the first reader who can identify where this road sign is. Seriously.

  • Hey...F U!/Me!
    Hey...F U!/Me!

    F U Gardens/Edison Plaza/Lake Michigan Drive

    From what I hear, the food is solid and the place is nice...but if someone ticks you off, you can always tell 'em...F U!

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