Is your own personal battle of the bulge turning into the war of waistline?

We've all heard in recent years how fat we're getting here in the U.S. of A (or, should we say, U.S. grade A of beef).

We're a nation of eaters, snackers and noshers, filling our time between supersized meals with supersized treats to keep our tummies from rebelling against us.

The bottom, weighed down, line? So many of us are out of shape. We've forsaken going to the gym for going to the drive-thru, jumping jacks for flapjacks and counting calories for counting the minutes 'til the pizza delivery man gets to our door.

How do you really know you're out of shape? There are almost as many ways as there are pounds on your frame. #SignsYoureOutOfShape was trending on Twitter on Monday to shed some light on what you should be on the lookout for when it comes to realizing that your body has gone from a temple to a dilapidated bodega where all they serve are Twinkies and Jolt cola.

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