A deep freeze can be fun, you just have to go out and find it.

A video posted by the UP Supply Company in Marquette shows some hearty Yoopers heading out to play ice hockey on the frozen harbor there. The extreme cold made the ice freeze fast smooth and fast, making it perfect for skating.

The Instagram page @Michiganders also posted a drone shot of the skaters along the old ore docks there.

So -- with Lake Superior in play, is there ice skating going on on any other Great Lake?

I'm glad you asked. Let's start with these brave souls putting in some miles on a very cracked Lake Michigan near Milwaukee.

Here's some more speed skaters on Lake Michigan, a little closer to shore.

The Georgian Bay on the Canadian side of Lake Huron provides a smooth surface for this figure skater cutting an edge.

From there we travel up to Blind River, Ontario where these intrepid hockey players found an instant rink on Lake Huron.

This Toronto skater has found Lake Ontario to be frozen enough to skate, although he doesn't look terribly suave.

I found no one has posted any photos of skating in Lake Erie this winter yet, but it is possible, as evidenced by this three year old post.

So enjoy skating away on our Great Lakes, but as always, exercise caution, getting soaking wet in single degree temps is not a fun experience for anyone.

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