If you get your mail at the Elm Hall Post Office, you better hope no one else is there when you stop by, there's likely not room for both of you to be inside. This is the smallest post office in Michigan.

Located in the tiny hamlet of Elm Hall, west of Alma in Gratiot County, the post office is the size of a small storage shed. Learn a little more about 48830:

Roadside America says,

State's tiniest U.S. Post Office. Operated by one woman who uses her personal vehicle to deliver the mail. Possibly the second smallest post office in America. It's the size of a very small shed or outbuilding.

Actually it's not the second smallest. The USPS says there are at least two smaller post offices. One, the smallest in the country, is in Ochopee, Florida, located in the Everglades. The second smallest post office in America is out on North Carolina's Outer Banks in the community of Salvo.

How to Find Michigan's Smallest Post Office

Looking for Elm Hall, you'll need to get away from any main highways. The hamlet is located on the border of Gratiot and Montcalm counties. It's at the intersection of Lumberjack and Van Buren Roads. It's due west of Alma, but thanks to the winding Pine River, no direct shot from there.

Easiest route to get there is likely M-46 then south on Lumberjack Road.

What to do when you get to Elm Hall? You're on your own there. Michigan's tourism website Pure Michigan says only,

Elm Hall is a great little town. It's got that off-the-beaten track, locals-only, undiscovered territory kind of charm. We currently don't have any fun facts for this little treasure. We can tell you about towns nearby, but as for Elm Hall, we're counting on you to go exploring and relate back to us.

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