It’s a testament to the staying power of certain public figures that they’ve been played by more than one SNL cast member over the years. People like Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady turned former Senator turned former Secretary of State turned current Democratic Presidential frontrunner, linger on long past Saturday Night Live cast rotations. So what is the show to do when one of its guest hosts used to play a vital and very much in the public eye politician back in the day? Put her on stage with the current version, of course.

The result: a terrific sketch where Kate McKinnon’s Clinton gets to meet co-guest host Amy Poehler’s Clinton. The set-up is simple enough: 2015 Clinton goes to sleep and meets her 2008 self in a dream. The two of them share stories, make a mixture of timely and intentionally dated jokes, and just riff for a bit. Watching McKinnon's slightly more cartoonish take on the same figure bounce off Poehler‘s more straight-faced impersonation is a blast.

But when your other guest host is Tina Fey, why would you not bring Sarah Palin into the equation? Through an act of dream time travel, Fey’s iconic take on the former Congresswoman (and, at one time, Vice Presidential hopeful) joins both Clintons for a memorable round of saying totally inane things that literally do not make any sense. Palin is no longer as prominent as she once was and hasn’t even required parody as of late, but it’s still wonderful to see Fey’s impersonation return for one last vicious poke.

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