"Saturday Night Live" might be back.

After a couple of lackluster years, the NBC show has started to make funny funny again. Saturday night was a snapshot.

Mike Myers doesn't make many repeat character appearances. Name the last time since the third "Austin Powers" movie have you seen him as Austin Powers? Or Fat Bastard? Or Dr Evil? Saturday night's "SNL," Dr. Evil took over the show to give his spin on the North Korea-Sony hacking scandal.

Mike Myers made a surprise return to 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend to play Dr. Evil — and to interrupt Sam Smith’s Christmas special. The episode began with Smith (played by Tarran Killam) singing “Stay With Me” and talking about his holiday loneliness. Then the screen went fuzzy and Dr. Evil (plus a fake version of Mr. Bigglesworth) appeared to comment on North Korea’s recent attack on Sony.

'North Korea, you’re one of the most evil countries in the world and your act of war is to kill a movie?' said Myers. 'It’s easy to kill a movie; just move it to January.'”

There was a time that "SNL" would beg Myers to come back. Now they don't need him. Not for even one million dollars!

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