Some Michiganders asked others if there were willing to be considered domestic terrorist, the ones who said yes may be going to prison.

I have known about militia groups all across Michigan growing up. It's been kind of a Michigan thing. I always thought they were just groups of old army buddies getting together to reminisce and shoot some guns off. Apparently, I along with others, were way off in our assessment.

According to FOX 17, three of the suspects who were charged in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer found themselves back in court this week. Paul Bellar, Pete Musico and Joseph Morrison are accused of their involvement in domestic terrorism along with 5 other men or should I say, 5 other domestic terrorist are all being charged in Michigan with 6 more deviants being charged at a federal level.

What is so wild is how these groups have met all over Michigan and other states to discuss these acts of terror and how they train right out in front of people and no one has said anything about it. I guess we Michiganders are so used to hearing people shoot semi automatic weapons in this state we have gotten used to it so nothing seems odds when you hear it.

As part of these domestic terrorist training, they asked potential members if there were willing to be considered a domestic terrorist and if they said no, they did not move on to be a part of the group.

It looks like 14 men did say yes early during the pandemic and it may be a choice they all regret now that they are being treated like terrorist.

The guys involved in the terror plot against Whitmer were in a group called the Wolverine Watchmen.

Good news for the Governor was that one of the groups leaders turned into an FBI informant which led to the capture of the members involved in the terror plot.

The Watchmen met often in Jackson County where they did military type training exercises in order to be prepared in case they had to battle law enforcement.

Morrison and Msucio lived on the property in Jackson County and are now both facing four counts that include threat of terrorism, gang membership and providing material to be used for terrorist acts, and possession of a firearm to commit a felony. Bellar is looking at three counts that include gang membership, providing material to support terrorist acts and possessing a firearm during a felony.

Maybe next time they are asked if they are willing to be considered domestic terrorist, the answer might be no.

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