As you may have heard, the Dominican nuns will be moving to a smaller location of their big campus at Marywood, so that means everything must go!!

The Yard Sale Will Be This Weekend At Marywood

The Dominican Sisters estate will be selling off a vast array of goods starting Friday, May 20, and lasting through Sunday, May 22, or when they run out of things to sell, whichever comes first.

The estate sale is being conducted by Heirloom Estate Services and they have posted a list and photos of things that will be up for sale this weekend, including, but not limited to: antique furniture, pianos (which may or not include the one you learned on if you ever took piano lessons from a nun like I did), tons of artwork (both good and really bad), a lectern, chairs, chairs, and more chairs, office furniture, ancient computer monitors, and a safe.

Here are some of the highlights, and lowlights:

Dominican Sisters Yard Sale Items

These are just a few of the items up for sale at the Marywood Estate Sale this weekend at the Marywood camps on East Fulton.

Gallery Credit: jojogirard

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