A survey about love as we approach Valentine's Day shows that Cupid's arrow is more desired than the COVID-19 vaccine.

I suppose this survey has some validity as it would be incredibly lonely to be sick with no loved ones around to ease your pain. However, if there's a chance you wouldn't get sick to begin with, wouldn't you take a shot?

A survey by WalletHub to determine the best city in the US for Valentine's Day (San Francisco by the way) revealed the spending habits and love habits of folks heading toward Valentine's Day.

One of the things that they found out was that about half of us would rather find love than keep the coronavirus at bay. 50% would give up a shot of vaccine to find true love. Fair enough, but how good is true love if you're coughing in their face?

Other things revealed in the Valentine's Spending Survey:

  • More Men Say V-Day Debt is Worth it: Men are nearly two times more likely than women to think a Valentine’s Day gift is worth going into credit card debt.
  • Bad Credit Might Keep You Single. 47% of people wouldn’t marry someone with bad credit.
  • Reckless Spending Ends Relationships: 47% of people would break up with their significant other if he or she spent irresponsibly.
  • Financial Irresponsibility Isn’t Attractive: 44% of people say irresponsible spending is a bigger turnoff than bad breath.
  • Love is Blooming for Some People. 48% of people say they got richer in love since last Valentine's Day.

If you're low on funds and love this Valentine's Day, remember this from expert Casey Newmeyer from Case Western Reserve:

Try to remember that Valentine's day is a day to spend time with and treat yourself . This can be done with a homemade meal, favorite takeout, flowers from the local shop, a walk to the donut shop, etc. It does not have to be a 5-star meal with diamond jewelry. Try to do something that you really enjoy but do not always take the time to do it.

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