This would have definitely ruined the first day back after some time off, to realize someone had hit your building with their car and then drove off. Not leaving a note or anything.

That's what the owners of Sandy's Donuts on Grand Rapids Westside returned to after an extended holiday vacation, thanks to COVID-19.

They posted on their Facebook page that as they returned from what they thought would be a cost-saving measure, by being closed an extra week because of a few things like COVID-19 restrictions, the loss of income last year because of closures, and that January is usually their slowest month, they found that someone had run into their building. This wasn't like a bump either, as you can see by the pictures, the impact did substantial damage to the front of the building.

The worst part, is whoever did it, didn't leave any information, nor did they call the police, because as the Facebook post reads, they're desperate to have the responsible person somehow, by private message, a call or stop by, own up to their mistake and help take care of their "accident". They're also asking for anyone who happened to see something suspicious to private message them as well.

this was not something we were expecting or prepared to deal with. We are hoping whoever this was let’s us know. We are hoping it was an accident. We are hoping you do the right thing to make this better.
Any info sent will be kept private and will be much appreciated! Thank you!

I'm really hoping someone owns up to running into the Sandy's Donuts building. I just can't imagine how someone could do so much damage and not be responsible enough to own up to the situation; especially as we still navigate a pandemic that has left local and small businesses struggling to financially stay afloat.



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