With the time change last week, this week has been a bit "off" and has made a lot of us question "what's the purpose of Daylight Saving Time?".  Yes there's a history as to why we do it/did it on Wikipedia that you can read if you're that bored... or you can know that there's a bill that's could mean no more "springing forward" and then "falling back" each year.

According to 9&10 News, State Rep. Michele Hoitenga put a bill in front of the House Commerce and Tourism Committee to eliminate the time change for Michigan and stay in Daylight Saving Time year-round citing "studies show the time change is bad for students and workers alike."

The House Commerce and Tourism Committee approved the bill and sent it to the House Ways and Means Committee for them to look over and hopefully approve.


(source: 9&10 News)

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