Today, the Sparta Police Department (sadly, it's Sparta, Wisc. and not Sparta, Mich.) posted an incredibly helpful post about a massive scam in our area. Apparently, there's been some enterprising drug dealers who have been scamming meth users with crushed rock salt instead of actual meth. Sparta Police want to help, and are offering their services to test and verify your purchase to ensure you haven't been ripped off.

That's super nice of them!

During an investigation on Thursday, January 19th, the Sparta Police discovered that there has been rock salt packaged and sold as meth.

"We understand how frustrating it is buying something and finding out it's not what you thought you ordering a large T-shirt that turns out to be a size schmedium."

via Sparta Police Department Facebook

If you are afraid you might have been scammed by your dealer, feel free to bring it to the Sparta Police Department, where they will happily conduct tests on your meth, as well as your needles, pipes, and other accessories. The police would like to make sure everything you have is safe, and what you actually paid for.

It sucks to ripped off, we can all agree on that!

Please, make sure to get your meth tested in a safe environment. It would be terrible to discover you've been ripped off!

BTW, the Sparta PD's social media director is KILLING IT! Nice work, Sgt. Jason Pipkin!

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