The school, located on 68th Street in Byron Township, will become a training center.

In a statement issued on their Facebook page Wednesday, Special Olympics Michigan announced they have purchased the former South Christian High School parcel and will make it into a training facility.

“The purchase of this facility makes perfect sense for Special Olympics Michigan,” said Timothy Hileman, president & CEO, Special Olympics Michigan. “Not only will it help to foster the very integration and inclusion we seek to bring our athletes in West Michigan, it will also allow us the opportunity to serve athletes throughout the entire state of Michigan.”

It will be the largest Special Olympics facility in the world.

The facility is especially conducive to training athletes and coaches alike because it sits on 17 acres of land and hosts three playing fields.

The post says Southwest Michigan Special Olympics has already begun moving into the buildings on the property, but Michigan Special Olympics will keep their offices in Mount Pleasant and Auburn Hills.



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