If you have recently been dumped but still want something to do for Valentines Day, you can name a rat or a cockroach after your ex and watch animals eat them.

According to MLive, the San Antonio Zoo and a limited time opportunity for you to turn that frown upside down by watching one of their zoo animals eat a rat or cockroach named after your ex for a mere $5 to $25.

If you have an ex that was a real snake, the perfect thing to do is name a rat after your terrible ex and for $25 a lucky snake will chow down on the rat. You can actual live stream the event on Facebook. You will also receive a certificate you can share on social media with your friends.

You have until February 13th to get involved in the Cry Me a Cockroach feeding frenzy. You have to submit your ex's name on the zoo's website and you can post it anonymously, and only the first names will be displayed during the feeding event. Hopefully your ex has an unusual name so it will stick out in the group.

Here is a link so you can name your ex after a rat or cockroach.

Nothing like a little harmless sweet revenge.

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