After a week or two of decent weather, we’ve been a bit spoiled on being able to get out and do stuff!!

Well don’t worry, even though the weather is due to go back to winter this weekend, there’s still a reason to get out of the house.

This Saturday, Downtown Market Grand Rapids is planning to spice things up with “Spicy Saturday’”!

The idea is all day Saturday you can walk around Downtown Market and enjoy spicy, delicious concoctions that will for sure warm you up.  It may also be a good time to see just “how spicy” you like it!

Spicy Saturday starts when the market opens at 9am and goes until 7pm; a few of the spicy creations they’ll have available:

  • Slows Bar BQ Grand Rapids with feature a Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich, which looks delicious
  • Field and Fire is making a Jalapeño Cheddar bread
  • Social Kitchen will had a HOT drink to try out – it’s the Ghostbuster Margarita which has Ghostpepper Jam in it.
  • Old World Olive Co is featuring spicy infused olive oils

And there will definitely be more, as vendors set up in the market’s halls.  If you’re ready to get your “spicy” on, remember, it’s only going on Saturday and you can get more information on HERE

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