I'm really big into atmosphere. It may sound weird, but there are just times in my life when the way it looks or feels outside makes things perfect. Maybe it's going to a hickey game in December and it's snowing and cold outside. Or a perfect summer afternoon with that deep blue Michigan sky on the way to a ball game.

No my life doesn't revolve around going to sporting events, but this kind of "feel" to life is something I always notice. Like today.

This morning when I left for work, about 10, it FELT like spring. For the first time.

All the other mornings since the snow melted just haven't felt like spring. Now, with the leaves greening up and the slight humidity in the air, it feels like spring.

And the rain last night. That REALLY made it feel like spring.

I couldn't be happier. And I for sure notice.

nic taylor/thinkstock
nic taylor/thinkstock

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