The GR area dodged a bullet Wednesday morning, as the snow line passed east and south of the city. But over in Detroit, it was a slippery mess.

As the late Prince once sang 'Sometimes It Snows In April.'  Yes, and when it does, we all forget how to drive in slick conditions, causing massive problems.

Over 20 vehicles were involved in a pile up on eastbound I-696 nearing the eastbound I-94 on ramp.

The accidents involved a couple of car fires, as the drivers apparently forgot to slow down on roadways slickened by an overnight light snow.

Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw told WWJ News that excessive speed for the conditions was a factor in the pile up.

"I've probably said it about 15 times today but you just have to slow down," Shaw said. "Your car can't stop as fast as you think it can. If you have to jam on the brakes because you're following somebody too close, you're just going to spin out as well."

Many in the area were asking where the salt rucks and road crews were as the late snow seemed to catch everyone off guard.


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