Squarespace has uploaded a teaser for their big Super Bowl 2014 commercial. Get ready to see some of your favorite memes in the real world.

The teaser is only 15 seconds long, but it shows us very familiar sights that we've probably come across at least once or twice during our travels on the Internet. The most recognizable might be the Joseph Ducreux meme as a storefront. Insert archaic language here.

Perhaps the creepiest meme that's been brought to life is the adult/baby face swap in the very beginning of the teaser. If Squarespace was aiming to be memorable, they've surely pulled it off with that bit of nightmare fuel.

Squarespace is claiming that "a better web awaits." Their services include building websites, mobile websites and helping grow web and mobile experiences. We'll have to wait until the Super Bowl to see more of their meme-tastic commercial, but let's just hope there are no more baby face swaps. Check out Squarespace here.

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