In a story that leaves more questions than answers, a Gaylord man found fifty pounds of pine cones under his car hood. 

Kellen Moore of Gaylord had noticed a little knocking in his car's AC system, so he did what anyone would do in that situation, he checked under the hood.

It was there he found fifty pounds of pine cones in his engine compartment, left by what he and friend claim were squirrels.

Kellen's friend, Gabe Awrey, posted this photo of the pine cones to his Facebook page.

Okay, that's a mighty ambitious group of squirrels, and if you look in the upper right hand corner of the photo, you will see what appears to be a nest that the squirrels might sleep in.

It took Kellen and his friends 45 minutes to get all the pine cones out of the engine.

But now I have a boatload of questions:

-- How did the squirrels get that many pine cones in his engine in just 30 days, which is how long ago Kellen last looked under the hood, when he bought the vehicle.

-- Why did they need THAT many pine cones? It seems excessive for even large squirrels.

-- Is this a prank? This looks kind of pranky.

-- Why is Kellen lighting sticks of dynamite in his house? I would be mad too, but It seems excessive to kill squirrels with that much firepower.





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