I have no earthly idea why this popped up on my timeline...but I'm SO glad it did.

Today I learned that a dog from Michigan still holds the title for 'longest tongue' from Guinness World Records.

Her name was Brandy, a boxer who lived in St. Clair with her owner, John Scheid. Her tongue measured 17 inches and gained her a Guinness World Record in 2002 and a fanbase for a short time. They had t-shirts made and even a website, Tungdog.com, which has since expired.

Unfortunately, Brandy has since crossed the rainbow bridge but her record lives on. Currently, a dog named Mochi holds the title for the world's largest tongue on a living dog with a measurement of 7.31 inches. Impressive, but not even close to Brandy's.

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Up until today I didn't even know that an award for "world's longest tongue on a dog" existed. So, it sent me into a deep dive to explore what other records our beloved furry friends hold. The list is rather impressive.

Now, if you're a place where you can't have volume on (yeah I see you procrastinating at work 😉) I've got your back! Here are a few of my favorites:

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