Warning: Clicking play on the above video may result in an earworm and / or repeated plays that may delight you yet cause nearby co-workers distress and possible irritation.

Star Wars Day always brings us new ways to appreciate the galaxy far, far away. This year we got a gift from some clever editors at The Tonight Show, who managed to string together clips from all eight Star Wars movies (Rogue One included) to recreate the first verse of Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” If that sounds like it shouldn’t work at all, we agree.

But it does.

Cleverness abounds here, like when Han Solo and Qui-Gon Jinn combine for “backstreets” and how the hilarious usage of Rey screaming “FINN!” plus Emperor Palpatine’s uttering "Darth Vader” gives us the “finger” in “with her finger and her thumb” lyric. Somehow, like the video as a whole, it just works.

If you can’t think of a time when the word “glitters” is used during any episode, you’re right. But good timing and a little help from your own brain (which expects to hear “glitters”) can turn a word like “leader" into “glitters” seamlessly. Or maybe they’re just using the force, who really knows? (Yoda. Yoda would know.)

While lots of minor characters get a word (or syllable) or two, we gotta say Han Solo is once again the real (all)star. Along with his mini duet with Qui-Gon, he gets the last (actual) word in too, when he, a Jawa and R2-D2 manage to team up for the final “break the mo-o-oooooold.” Who knew Artoo had such a pleasant singing voice?

May the Fourth be with you on this blessed Star Wars Day, and every day hence forth.

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