Beginning Monday, March 22, the State of Michigan will allow outdoor venues to have up to 20% of their seats filled. This means the Tigers and the Whitecaps can have more fans at their games. 

And it also means outdoor concert venues like Meijer Gardens and DTE Energy Theater might be able to start booking some shows.

The new guidelines will kick in Monday, March 22 and last until April 19, when the guidelines will be up for reconsideration depending on the state's Covid rates.

The new guidelines will mean the Detroit Tigers will be able to host over 8000 fans for their opening day game on April 1 at Comerica Park. it also kicks up the West Michigan Whitecaps capacity to about 1000 fans for their season, which starts in May.

Meijer Gardens could have up to 400 people at their venue and DTE Energy (or Pine Knob if you will) would be able to host upwards of 4000 fans potentially. No word yet from either venue of any definite plans to proceed with shows, although Meijer Gardens has teased that some shows are being scheduled.

"Today's action is an important step towards normalcy, but there's still more work to do”, said Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “As always, mask up, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands. We all have a personal responsibility to slow the spread of the virus so we can end this pandemic together.”


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