The state of Michigan is really trying to get people to mask up and continue to social distance, to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

ClickonDetroit reports that the state is spending $5M in ads to help encourage people to mask up and stay masked when out and about, in hopes that if everyone took wearing face coverings serious, we could get back to the “normal” that everyone is longing for.

As the Director of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, Robert Gordon, told ClickinDetroit in an interview:

“The more we wear masks, the sooner this is going to end, the sooner we can return to normal. Whether we wear masks is going to have a direct effect. We want to speak to folks who are skeptical in a way that's respectful, that honors their perspective and says, ‘Yes, freedom’s important. But wearing masks protects freedom and gets us close to a day when this is over.'"

That’s why the ads try to convey a theme of “spread hope, not COVID”. ClickonDetroit says the three PSAs try to convey a theme of “spread hope, not COVID” and two of them feature members of the military, both talking about how to face masks help reduce the spread of the virus by 70%, so wearing a mask is about protecting our freedom.

The state hopes the new ads will make people realize that, even if it’s a burden to social distance and wear a face mask, it’s important to do, for us to be able to move forward, as ClickonDetroit reports.


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