Hard to believe with since we’ve had snow the last few days, but it’s tornado season here in West Michigan and it’s time to be prepared.

This Wednesday, April 11th at 1 pm, there will be statewide tornado drill.  Michigan State Police released the info saying they’re working with “emergency management partners” statewide to test preparedness for the upcoming storm season that lasts from now through the early summer months.

According to the MSP press release, nearly all state of Michigan facilities will participate in Wednesday’s drill. Tornado sirens will sound as well as alerts on local radio and television stations and through NOAA weather radios.

Since warnings for tornados are usually only around 10-15 minutes ahead of the storm, officials say its extremely important to be prepared and ready to act quickly to stay safe.

A few tips to help keep your family safe, from Michigan State Police:

  • Create an emergency preparedness kit for your home.
  • Develop and implement a family communications plan with family members living in your home.
  • Listen to your NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television newscasts for the latest information.
  • Be aware of the danger signs indicating a tornado.


You can also get more information on how to make sure you and your family are read HERE




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