That Will Ferrell. He's not only a pretty funny guy, but he's also a master promoter.

Name another big-name actor that would-in character-take his road show hundreds of miles from Hollywood to create buzz for his upcoming movie "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" not on a talk show or press junket, but in North Dakota?

Bismarck, North Dakota, to be exact. The 46-year-old actor appeared Saturday night on KXMB-TV for a local newscast in "Anchorman" character as Ron Burgundy to create buzz and to promote the sequel to his 2004 movie.

"The second he said, 'Good evening, I'm Ron Burgundy,' I lost it," KXMB co-anchor Amber Schatz told The Associated Press. "It was really hard not to laugh."

The man is a genius.


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